Mynet Inc

Mynet Inc. Company Information


Company Name Mynet Inc.
President Jin Uehara
Business Smartphone Business
Founded July 1, 2006
Capital 1231 million yen
Employees 230(As of September, 2015)
Investors Recruit Incubation Partners Co., Ltd.
SEGA Networks Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Corporation
Adress ■Tokyo Office
A-PLACE Aoyama.2-11-3 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan
■Singapore Office
80 Robinson Road #10-01A, Singapore


A-PLACE Aoyama 3F,
2-11-3 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku,

4-minutes walk from Gaien mae Station
12-minutes walk from Omote Sando Station
16-minutes walk from Sendagaya Station

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Focusing on “J-Fantasy” as a motif, we offer community games toward the Japanese and Asian markets.“Emblem of Falkyrie” is a role-playing game. Players befriend with the fair maidens of the Falkyrie Kingdom to take on the wicked empress. The title features over 500 gorgeous characters and exciting events. The title was ranked top in the Card Game category on the Japanese Google Play (as of November 2012).
Emblem of Falkyrie
Kizuna Battle is a role-playing game where players cooperate and compete in real time.It is set in a sprawling magical academy where, to guard against the revival of fearsome demons sealed underground, the pupils must train constantly for battle. Players take the role of newly enrolled students who team up with their classmates and strive for the title of “High Order”, awarded only to the mightiest summoners. In the halls of this school, new battles await every day.Players assemble a team of “devils” from a vast selection of over 300 unique character types, who can grow even stronger through training and Rebirth Evolution. From everyday combat to special events, players and their allies use the power of friendship to fight for victory.
Kizuna Battle
Angel Master
Angel Master is a role-playing game in which the player leads angels into ever-unfolding adventures. The aim is to once again return light to a world beset by dangers after the reawakening of Ahriman. The broad expanses of the Revis Noir kingdom is the stage. The player becomes an “Angel Master,” who can bring forth the power of the angels, and goes forth to wage war against fallen angels who appear one after another. The nearly 100 angel characters who appear in various situations are voiced by popular voice actors, who provide the lines that express changes in angels’ personalities as they grow stronger and evolve. Players find their partner angels through events or communicating with other players, and raises the angel by showering it with affection to fully develop the angel’s true abilities.
Angel Master

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