Company Overview

Company Name Mynet Inc.
President Jin Uehara
Business Game service business
Founded July 1,2006
Capital 2953 million yen
Employees 622(As of May, 2017)
Investors B Dash Ventures, Inc.
SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Adress ■Tokyo Office A-PLACE Aoyama.2-11-3 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan
■Singapore Office 80 Robinson Road #10-01A, Singapore




Valkyrie Crusade, which has reached over 7 million downloads worldwide*, Valkyrie Crusade is an epic card battle and fantastic town building RPG/simulation game set in a world full of beautiful maidens.
By summoning, upgrading, evolving, amalgamating, and awakening your maidens, you can create strong units to aid you in battle. Battle against powerful enemies known as “Archwitches”, lead your unit by advancing through the “Campaigns” to bring stability to the Celestial Realm, and form a strong Alliance to compete in “Alliance Ultimate Battles”. A variety of structures can be built to aid you in battle, but you can also focus your efforts on creating a beautiful town! There are many ways to enjoy the game. *As of February 2016 iOS Android

“Legend of the Cryptids” (2nd highest-grossing iOS app in the U.S. for November 2012) is a world-renowned high fantasy card battle game featuring stunning artwork from illustrators around the globe! Trade with friends to collect over 3,000 beasts, creatures, and deities and reign supreme over your rivals in a variety of exciting solo and guild events! Travel across the mystical realm of Neotellus and discover drama and adventure! iOS Android

Focusing on “J-Fantasy” as a motif, we offer community games toward the Japanese and Asian markets.“Emblem of Falkyrie” is a role-playing game. Players befriend with the fair maidens of the Falkyrie Kingdom to take on the wicked empress. The title features over 500 gorgeous characters and exciting events. The title was ranked top in the Card Game category on the Japanese Google Play (as of November 2012). Android

Angel Master is a role-playing game in which the player leads angels into ever-unfolding adventures. The aim is to once again return light to a world beset by dangers after the reawakening of Ahriman. The broad expanses of the Revis Noir kingdom is the stage. The player becomes an “Angel Master,” who can bring forth the power of the angels, and goes forth to wage war against fallen angels who appear one after another. The nearly 100 angel characters who appear in various situations are voiced by popular voice actors, who provide the lines that express changes in angels’ personalities as they grow stronger and evolve. Players find their partner angels through events or communicating with other players, and raises the angel by showering it with affection to fully develop the angel’s true abilities. Android