Privacy Policy

  • 1. Scope of Application of This Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy applies when users use service of Mynet, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Mynet”). Personal information, which is synonymous with ‘personal information’ defined in Article 2. Paragraph 1. of Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter the same), gained by Mynet is managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This privacy Policy does not apply when Mynet does not gain personal information directly.

  • 2. Collection of Information

    • When users use service of Mynet, Mynet may automatically collect non-personal information such as IP addresses of users,    advertisement identifiers (e.g. IDFA, Android advertisement IDs and other identifiers used for purpose of advertisement, hereinafter the same), cookie information, pages browsed by users, usage environment of users etc. (hereinafter referred to as “non-personal information”).
    • Personal information of users that Mynet collects is limited to minimum information necessary for users to use service of Mynet.
    • When Mynet asks users to register user information or users inquires to Mynet, Mynet may ask users about personal information of users.
  • 3. Use of Information

    Mynet may use personal information and/ or non-personal information of users for the following purposes.

    • To provide and operate services.
    • To notify users, and to introduce services of Mynet.
    • To verify identity of users.
    • To respond to inquiries.
    • To research, collect statistics of, and/or analyze usage trends.
    • To develop new service and/or new functions.
    • To distribute interest-basement advertisements (targeting advertisements) from Mynet and/or other distributors. (Mynet shall not use personal information for this purpose.)
    • To maintain and/or improve systems, or to deal with malfunction of equipment.
  • 4. Disclosure of Information

    Mynet will not sell or lend personal information to third parties except for the following cases where;

    • Users agree with disclosure of information.
    • Mynet is required by courts, public prosecutor’s offices, the police, tax offices or other equivalent organizations to disclose personal information as required by law.
    • Users infringe the law and/or Terms and Conditions of Use etc. regarding use of service provided by Mynet, and Mynet determines that disclosure of information is necessary for protection of rights, properties or services etc. of Mynet and/or third parties, and it is difficult for Mynet to obtain consensus from the users.
    • Mynet needs to disclose personal information to parties which bear confidentiality obligation to Mynet for the business of Mynet.
    • Disclosure of personal information is admitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws.
  • 5. Security

    Information of users is protected by password for privacy protection and security of users. If needed, Mynet uses SSL, which is a de facto standard, to protect data transfer.

  • 6. Changes to Privacy Policy

    Mynet may modify the Privacy Policy partially or completely. When Mynet makes changes to the Privacy Policy, Mynet will provide notice on Mynet’s website.

  • 7. Contact for Personal Information Issues: privacy(at)

    Enacted on 1 July 2006.
    Revised on 14 September 2013.
    Revised on 1 March 2017.